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The introduction of new technology, fishing methods, fishing gear types, cross border issues, census of fishing craft are among the topics covered
List of Publications
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Dr. John Kurien 1998
 Towards A New Agenda for Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries Development Dr. John Kurien 1996
Titto DCruz 1998
Titto DCruz 1994
SIFFS 1998
 A Census of the Artisanal Marine Fishing Fleet of Kerala 1998 SIFFS 1999
 Motorisation of Fishing Units Benefits and Burdens SIFFS 1991
**** SIFFS 1993
 The Introduction and Spread of Plywood Boats on the Lower South-West Coast of India V. Vivekandan 2002
 The Origins and Ethnological Significance Of Indian Boat Designs James Hornell 1920
TSSS 1961
Pierre Gillet 1985
V.Vivekandan 2004