Structure and Governeance
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Structure & Governance !  
 Producer control over fish marketing and inputs (basically to liberate fishermen from the clutches of middlemen, merchants and money lenders

 Legal Entity

SIFFS was registered as the apex body of a three-tier co-operative structure in 1980, under the Travancore Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act of 1955. Primary societies and district federations form the two tiers of the organisation.

In terms of legal status primary societies fall in two categories. While the first few primary societies including Marianad were registered as co-operatives, societies constituted after 1976 were registered under the Societies Registration Act due to certain legal hurdles.

Presently, SIFFS has over 100 primary societies at the village level. These societies are affiliated to the District Federations, which are in turn the members - Full or Associate - of SIFFS. Full members are the primary members of SIFFS, with membership granted to the federations fulfilling certain basic criteria. Associate members include federations that do not yet comply with the stipulations for full membership. They also include other organisations that are not district federations but are associated with the programmes of SIFFS.


SIFFS has different sets of activities at each of the three levels in the tier.

Primary Soceities
 Fish Marketing
 Provision of credit for asset replacement from external sources (banks) and from own sources (accumulated profits at the primary level)
 Promotion of savings
 Insurance for members (under govt. schemes)
 Other welfare activities
District Federations
 Monitoring and support services to primary societies
 Liaison with regional offices of banks for credit
 Liaison with Funding Agencies for developmental support
 Marketing support to societies
 Marketing support to societies
 Marketing of fishing inputs
 Welfare schemes
 Technology Development and Dissemination
 Boat Building and repair services
 Import and distribution of outboard motors and repair services
 Credit Program for members
 Extension of Primary Societies Network
 Marketing of fish and fish products
 Running of Ice plants for ice supply
 Albezzia Plantations for Kattumaram timber supply
 Studies, Research, Documentation and Publication
 Advocacy and Lobbying 
 Support to fisherwomens groups


SIFFS is a democratically managed society of fish workers. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are necessarily fishermen elected from the primary- and district-level organisations, according to the charter of SIFFS.

The paramount policy making body of SIFFS is the General Body, which consists of six representatives from every full member federation and one representative from an associate member federation. The body meets twice a year.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, consisting of elected fishermen in the majority, is responsible for the management of the organisation. The Board consists of two representatives from each full member federation. Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive of SIFFS as well as the Chief Executives of full members are ex-officio members of the Board. The Board meets about once a month, and presently consists of FOURTEEN MEMBERS

Executive Team

Chief Executive of SIFFS, assisted by a 150 strong team, comprising MBAs, engineers and technicians, is responsible for the programme implementation. Almost 80 % of the staff is engaged in commercial activities such as Boat Building and Outboard Motor Distribution.

Regional and Field Offices

SIFFS has three regional offices, situated at Calicut in North Kerala, Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh and Mangalore in Karnataka and two field offices based at Tranquebar and Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu. Through this network of regional offices and field offices, SIFFS has been able to expand its functional area and identify new potential areas as well. The regional offices and field offices have been supporting the central office in both commercial and development activities