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SIFFS is an early starter in the use of computers, having recognized its potential in the rapidly changing fisheries sector, way back in 1987

Over the years, SIFFS has successfully used information technologies, in following areas:

 For Internal Operations including inventory control and costing, tracking of sales and all relevant parameters of business units, management decision systems, DTP for all reports and publications and tracking of over 2500 clients and report generation under its micro-credit programme.

 For Sector Analysis including collection of primary data on various aspects of fishing sector and its availability in electronic medium and creation of crucial databases such as census of fishing equipment, cost and earnings of different fishing units, operational data on fishing units and fish prices in key markets.

 For Accounting Operations of primary societies.

Today, SIFFS has a well equipped and dedicated computer centre managed by a team of experienced professionals.

SIFFS Computer Center has developed several custom made packages for it's internal operations including inventory control and monitoring of it's commercial activities.